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In A Troll's Mind EP by RAVECRAFT
By tram6o4 at 12/02/2014 - 22:51

hier de publicatie vd 'In A Troll's Mind EP 'uit 2010
tagged download *.exe RAR-file

stream and download also here the set/EP ' In A Troll's Mind '

that was the publication, the soundcloud window contains a set of 2 tracks, the tagged download contains the full In A Troll'd Mind EP (A Story 4 U)


By floydotwo at 09/02/2014 - 17:00
This one has 3 main players to get you really layed back.
With these 3 players you get a rich mix of indian & eastern ritms and chants.
So, wrap your sari around you and: dance/chill out/ make love or whatever!


Kaya Project:
Is the musical incarnation of seb and natasha taylor.
The duo has achieved a name of world renown.

The peaking Goddess Collective:
Is a four-piece live digital & organic band known for its outstanding and longstanding performances.
Originally founded by guitarist Ajja S.F. Leu, bass-player Master Margherita and percussionist Dymons ,
it reached its current formation a year later when flutist Flooting Grooves joined in.

Anoebis - Cherry Blossom
By Anoebis at 01/02/2014 - 16:04
This release is a limited slimbox CDR, mixed by Suntrip label owner Anoebis, to promote the 10 years label tour in Japan. There will only be 200 self-made copies of this release (with professionally printed artwork) for 5€.

100 will be spread for free on the Japanese Suntrip parties, 50 will be sold in Japan, and 50 will be sold in Europe.

This Amakusa vs Suntrip CD is our way to say thank you to Masafumi Hoshida, who helped us a lot!

The tracklist has some tracks that will be released later on the 10 years Suntrip compilation... Although the D5 track will stay unreleased forever we think...

E-Mantra - Nemesis (Suntrip Records)
By Anoebis at 28/01/2014 - 21:33
E-Mantra, aka Emmanuel Carpus from Romania, is one of the leading modern goa-trance artists. Two years after his latest uptempo album, he is back with what he does best: very psychedelic acidic goa-trance with lots of spiralling melodies! You can now hear samples, and buy it, on following link:

E-Mantra info

For more info:

In this album, E-Mantra is going back to his roots. His music has a darker twist, although the melodies are still blissful and uplifting. A truly unique combination! Also, his sound quality improved dramatically!

The beginning of the album is more groovy and sinister, but after track 3, Fall of Icarus, you’ll find only uplifting full power goa-trance, the E-Mantra way!

Essence of Nag Champa
By floydotwo at 20/01/2014 - 17:56
This set is a blend of glitchstep, dubstep & ethnobeats.
Most of the selected tracks are produced in 2013 by artists like Kalya Scintilla, Sounds from the ground, Wildlight, Tor & many others.
So, sit back and enjoy some of the best new releases from 2013!


PsY Chi DuSt REAL free 44,1khz16bit download
By tram6o4 at 16/01/2014 - 22:02

dit zijn de twee laatste samen in een set. Vult twee uur samen. De set is erg alternatief, vooral de tweede helft die ook nogal uptempo is. Het zijn mix-sets van allen Ravecraft tracks. Er zullen er nog twee tot vier volgen komende maanden, keb veel geproduceeerd >>>>{*[_o}<<<< happy winter

groet & 3o'~V.L.E.R.K. voor Engelen3o'~PLURPower 4 Angels3o'~ tram6o4

New Cronomi rec. release has arrived!!!
By HappyHorse at 05/01/2014 - 22:12
Good new everyone: "The CD’s, they have finally arrived".
We apologize for the small delay, but the printing company send them out to us too late.



Anyhow: thanks for the massive pre-orders and the trust you all have shown in our label!

Whicked Hayo - Dj Set (Free Download)
By danolite at 03/01/2014 - 13:44
Free Gift for New Year

Dj Set Whicked Hayo Free Download


Golden Energy Wicked Psytrance 2014 (final)
By tram6o4 at 02/01/2014 - 00:15

ehm, ik had nog gene check gedaan van de mix en die blijkt dus compleet fucked up te zijn want ik had mijn master level per ongeluk geblast. Wees gerust, ik ga hem terug remixen en fatsoenlijke mixen online zetten. Sorrytje...
JAh Jah de mix is exquise!!!

Anoebis - Melodrama in the Desert
By Anoebis at 24/12/2013 - 12:48
Here is a new dj set from Anoebis for download!!! Please share it if you like!

This set is a tribute to an amazing desert party in Israel in the middle of december 2013. I took many tracks of the music I played there and mixed them together to revive the vibe of that amazing moment!


1. Cosmic Dimension - Nucleosynthesis
(Album - In a Special Kind of Space - Suntrip Records - 2013)
2. Space Tribe vs Electric Universe - Alkaloid Experiment
(VA - Sola Sonorum - Spirit Zone Records - 2002)
3. E-Mantra - The Entity
(Album - Nemesis - To be Released on Suntrip Records soon - 2014)
4. Cosmic Dimension - Acid From Above
(Album - In a Special Kind of Space - Suntrip Records - 2013)

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