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GTREP008 - Hashashin - Acoustic Energy
By DJ Foose at 03/07/2014 - 16:41
Out now !!

Acoustic Energy is the debut ep release by the Belgian producer Hashashin. This ep with nighttime psytrance, full of crunchiness, mentally deep basslines, with some subtle hints of forest trance. The title describes best what his music will do to you, giving you energy through acoustics ! This ep has been mastered into perfection by world-known artist Tron at his Homegrown mastering studio !

Get it here:

Hashashin artist page:

dj Inada - "A Summer Trance Dance"
By HappyHorse at 01/07/2014 - 16:26
Imagine yourself on a sunny day: Enjoying a mushed and mellow dreamy vibe...
Well, here is your ultimate guide: "A Summer Trance Dance".

LINK: https://soundcloud.com/dj_inada/a-summer-trance-dance

Packed with melancholic and dreamy Goa trance : It will guide on a journey, floating and one with that blissfull summer breeze...
Download possible!!!

"Don't panic & keep psychedelic"
(dj Inada)

Lost Theory mainstage timetable
By ilsan at 26/06/2014 - 20:56

Helloki - Goodbye Kitty ((132-155))
By Loki at 26/06/2014 - 19:21
DJset recorded 25/06/14
Darkprog to Darkpsy
132BPM to 155BPM


Ellis Thomas - Monster City
Hypogeo - Macro/Drama
Ellis Thomas - Neverland
Hypogeo - The Lamb of Dog
?? - ??
Sensient - Cluster Fuck (Hypogeo rmx)
Gojja - Icon
Ogoun - Rito Massivo
Hypogeo - Open Your Third Ass
Malice In Wonderland - Darko Iris
Therange Freak - Gylfaginning
Nargun - Cygnus Loop
Farebi Jalebi - Shakti TandaV
Silent Horror & Sectio Aurea - Satan Data Connection Pt.1
Ogoun - Vital Drums
Mind Oscillation - Radical Mind
Gappeq - The Fish of the Mirror
Sator Arepo & Digitalist - Alien Civilization
The Nommos - Tribal Weirdos (Ogoun rmx)


Cronomi Tribute by dj Psara (Portugal) @ OSG4, 1st of June, 2014
By HappyHorse at 18/06/2014 - 15:53
Cronomi Tribute by dj Psara (Portugal) @ OSG4, 1st of June, 2014

"dj Psrara" (Portugal - Cronomi Rec.) writes:

Here it is, a caos of leveling volume after a lot of fun on the nobs... could be better but I already spent a lot of time leveling this

Thanks guys, for all you help and support, couldn't have done this without you. Michal, M-Run, Tom, Lukasz, Ward U guys totally rock my world!!! All of you that have crossed my path too, and all of you that didn't.

GTREP007 - Morphogenetic Fields - Reflect
By DJ Foose at 17/06/2014 - 13:30
GreenTree Records proudly presents - Reflect -

Reflect is the debut EP by Morphogenetic Fields, a very talented downtempo producer from Germany, also well-known under his psytrance alter-ego Mikari.

Its hard to put Morphogenetic Fields under 1 specified genre.
For expressing himself through music, he uses elements from many different styles of downtempo, chillout, ethnic, electronic pop and even vocals, all combined into perfect harmony.

These songs are the results of recent happenings in his life, things that touched him in a deep special way and needed to be translated into music.

LIVE DJ-SET @ WildMoodSwings3
By floydotwo at 15/06/2014 - 12:29
This is my warming-up set for WildMoodSwings 3.

It's Progressive.
It's Psytrance.
It's GREAT!!!


Special thx to Kelly & Maria

By HappyHorse at 10/06/2014 - 23:10
(Cronomi Records)

"303 & melodic all over: Never boring! The tracks are long and complex
stories that are made for listening, trancing and dancing!"

Artists page: https://www.facebook.com/psysutra604
Labels page: www.cronomi.com

Listen and pre-order here @ https://cronomi.bandcamp.com/album/p...amma-phoenicis

"Goa lives"
dj Inada

Psygamma - Megatron EP [Phonix Records] out onow
By Phonix Rec at 07/06/2014 - 23:53
Title : Psygamma - Megatron
Label : Phonix Records
Cat no. : PHODIGI009
Format : Digital download
Release Date: 9th May 2014 (Junodownload 2 Week Exclusive)
World Wide Release: 23rd May 2014
Mastered by Dale Byl @ db Mastering, South Africa

Artwork by Etnarama:

[b]Notorious across the cosmos for his beat hacking, space diving and dancefloor demolition skills, Israeli scientist – Psygamma (Omri Fabish) – decided it was time to fuse his brand of cutting edge sonic mayhem with weaponized soundwaves to create the ultimate secret weapon of neurological destruction.

V.A You Are We Vol 2 Compiled By Spinal Fusion [ Profound Record ]
By profound at 20/05/2014 - 21:54
********* OUT NOW *********

V.A You Are We Vol 2 Compiled By Spinal Fusion [ Profound Record ]




V.A You Are We Vol 2 compiled By Spinal Fusion [Profound Records]
featuring artists like //AudioForm/Civa/Hypnoise/Ital/Mechanimal/Outsiders/Sonic Species/Spinal Fusion//

Also available in CD
Psyshop -

Traclkist :

1. Audioform - T26
2. Civa - Dream O Magic
3. Hypnoise - The source
4. Ital - Asia
5. Mechanimal - Starting Now
6. Nukleall - Strange Computer Codes
7. Outsiders - Brainstorm
8. Sonic Species - Infinity (Spinal Fusion Rmx)

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